First World War Serbia in The Great War

Serbia in the Great War 1914-1918

Serbia in the Great War 1914-1918 – Serbia suffered the worst casualties, as a proportion of its population, of all nations in World War One. Out of a population of 4 million, Serbia lost 1.1 million people in the war, or 27% of its population and over 60% of its male population 265,000 Serbian soldiers died or 25% of all mobilised men.

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28 July 1914
Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia and hostilities begin. Belgrade bombed 29 July 1914. August 1914

August 1914
Austria-Hungary Invades Serbia with large forces and superior equipment

August 1914
Battle of Cer_ Serbia defeats the invading Austro-Hungarian army and ejects it from Serbia. The Austro-Hungarians suffered a total of 37,000 casualties of whom 7,000-10,000 died. Serbia suffered about 3,000 dead and 15.000 wounded. This was the first Allied victory of the Great War.

September 1914
Austria-Hungary Invades Serbia for the second time Heavy fighting at The Battle of Drina is inconclusive,

November 1914
Austria-Hungary invades Serbia for the third time, capturing Belgrade and other Serbian territory.

December 1914

Serbia in the Great War

Battle of Kolubara. Serbian Army counterattacks and wins a significant victory, driving the enemy from Serbian soil. The Austro-Hungarians suffered 225,000 casualties, including 30,000 killed, 173,000 wounded and 70,000 taken prisoner. Serbia suffered 22,000 killed, 91,000 wounded and 19,000 missing or captured.

Austrian POWs bring typhus to war-ravaged Serbia, which kills over one hundred thousand people. Foreign medical missions arrive to help fight the epidemic and support the Serbian Army and civilian population.

October 1915
Germany, Austria.-Hungary and Bulgaria invade Serbia from the North, West, East and South East with overwhelming forces and superior equipment, aiming to encircle and destroy the Serbian Army,

November 1915
The Serbian Army conducts a fighting withdrawal south to Kosovo and Macedonia, expecting Allied help from Salonika, which does not arrive in time. The Serbian Government decides that the Army. Government and civilian refugees should retreat to the Adriatic coast over the Montenegrin and Albanian mountains.

November 1915
The Serbian Army destroys its heavy equipment and retreats over tie mountains at peak of winter, November 1915 – January 1916, losing thousands of casualties to starvation, cold, exhaustion, disease and attacks from Islamic Albanian tribes. Some 156,000 men reach the coast and are transported to Corfu for recuperate and re-equipment by the Allies_ April 1916 Serbian Army transferred to Salonika Front.

Serbia is occupied by enemy forces, who commit atrocities and herd Thousands of civilians into concentration camps, Serbia is looted for food and resources. The Serbian uprising in the Timok region Is put down with brutality and mass executions by occupying forces.

Sep-Dec 1918
The Serbian Army wins the Battle of Kajmakchalan against Bulgarian and German armies, re-entering Serbian soil.

September 1918
The Serbian Army wins the Battle of Dobro Potie against German and Bulgarian armies as part of the ARied offensive.

November 2018
The Serbian Army liberates Serbia from German, Austro-Hungarian and Bulgarian forces.(Bojan Pajic )