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The Great War Hero: Isabel Galloway Hutton (1887-1960)

Dr. Isabel Galloway Hutton (1887-1960) was a Scottish doctor during the First World War.After being turned away by the Royal Army Medical Corps, Dr. Isabel Hutton , a trained psychiatrist,specializing in mental disorders and social worker, accepted the position of assistant medical officer and pathologist with the SWH in 1915.

Her unit, the Girton and Newnham Unit, established a tent hospital in Troyes, France. The members of her unit were sent to Ghevgeli, Serbia, in November 1915, where they worked for a few weeks until retreating to


Salonika, Greece, in December 1915Isabel Galloway Hutton was in the same SWH unit as Olive King and was also a friend of Flora Sandes. She went to war in as a member of the Scottish Women’s Hospitals and already in 1918 she was appointed as the chief hospital officer and transferred from the Salonika front to Vranje, a town in Serbia.

Her unit, although equipped with limited resources and staff, treated both the military and Serbian civilians. Her hospital remained in Vranja until October 1919. Hutton helped to establish local hospitals to replace the SWH hospital before it closed. She then assumed command over another unit in Belgrade.

After her service with the SWH in Serbia ended in June 1920, Hutton worked briefly with Lady Muriel Paget’s Child Welfare Scheme in the Crimea. There she assumed the role of commanding medical officer at a hospital in Se-bastopol. However, the hospital’s work was cut short by the Russian Civil War. The Bolshevik advance in November 1920 forced the hospital to evacuate to Constantinople where Hutton led a campaign to assist Russian refugees.

During the war, when there was a pandemia of Spanish flu and spotted fever, Dr. Isabel Galloway Hutton along with 11 doctors and 40 nurses managed to cure both soldiers and civilians, rescuing hundreds of Serbs from certain death.

Isabel Galloway Hutton ended her war engagement in 1920 in an unit stationed in Belgrade, and before that she helped the establishment of a local civil hospital in Vranje, with 50 beds and the latest equipment in that time. Dr. Hutton’s efforts left an indelible mark and for that she is remembered as a great humanist and was awarded with the Medal of the White Eagle.

Isabel Galloway Hutton

After more than 90 years, the medical high school in Vranje had the honour to be named after her 2011.